Mechanically bolted SW nipple grease

We use resin glue for the best seal.

Separated nipple grease

High quality pre-application (ideal certain seal)


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One-day injection packers

Two valves (one day work).
Uses resin glue for strong and certain seal.

Professional injection

Nipple grease is in a packet (not bolted)
Bolted nipple grease seals very well, thanks to resin glue.
This is the best option for injection.

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Injection packers – the device letting you to inject the substance under high pressure (1 – 500 BARs) into the hole or crack in the concrete structure. One of our newest product – the nipple with pre-application on the screw, which instantly seals in the moment of tighting it (the best choice if you deaerate the holes).
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Pakery do iniekcji stalowe


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