ONE DAY PACKER 10/110swg

Catalog nr: PI-SPX 10/110swg

  • material: steel
  • injection hole diameter:  Ø10 mm
  • lenght: 110 mm
  • length of sealing rubber: 32 mm
  • wrench: 10 mm
  • single seal
  • SW + mechanically screwed  nipple

One-day steel packer (two-valved). Lets you to finish the job right after the injection,  thanks to the use of back-pressure valve in the strut part and the valve ring. Screw is additionally sealed by anaerobic glue. It ensures perfect tightness between packer’s body and nipple grease even when used on high pressure work.

Price list
Quantity 1 – 999 1000 – 2999 < 3000
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